Saturday, June 25, 2011


Once upon a time, a friend (who will remain anonymous) and I decided to pull a prank on our youth group leader. Sadly, the event was not documented, but it included a bikini-clad plastic Santa lawn ornament, a kiddy pool, and shredded paper "snow". All of which somehow ended up in my youth leader's front yard. I love pranks, and I was pretty proud of this one. But we got found out....I didn't think anything of it for the past 3 years until two weeks ago when Santa decided to make an appearance while I was house sitting for my sister.

What's missing from this garage? Oh yea, MY CAR!

It was at this moment that I knew to expect the worst. The key on the back door was just the beginning

This guy was laying across my front seat. My youth leader kept it for 3 years waiting for a change at revenge.

Along with Vaseline under the door handles, there were more then 30 golf balls in and around my car.

Well played.

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